SoDak Shoot for Bearwaterfowl

April 25th, 2018

Man last week was a blast shooting a hunt for @bearwaterfowl (Instagram)!  Things got started last Wednesday at about 10:30pm when I got a call from Jake, he said he wanted to leave that night so there started our trip.  When I finished packing all my gear I helped Jake and Mike get the rest of their stuff loaded up and we hitched up to Mike's 5th wheel camper and headed for South Dakota at 2:30am.  The drive was about 5 or so hours and we had finally reached where the birds were flying.  We unhitched the trailer and headed out scouting for birds, once we found a good spot we got all the gear into the field which is much easier said than done, with mud well above the ankle throughout the entire field and having to pull a 3'x6' sled filled with decoys, layout blinds, shotguns and other hunting gear it was quite a chore. 

Finally we were nearly done setting up so I started getting some B-roll footage of the guys finishing the spread of decoys as well as some establishing shots.  With birds starting to move for the evening hunt we got in the blinds, unfortunately the only thing we shot was footage of birds we couldn't shoot with a shotgun which left all of us a little discouraged as we drove home after dark.

The next day we got an early start to the blinds after some breakfast and coffee, this was a much different scene as the birds we active well throughout the morning and into mid day.  Although it wasn't a ton the count for the morning was 4 birds all of which I got some great footage of them coming in, checking out the spread, looping a few times and ultimately getting close enough for Jake and Mike to take em down.  We we all ecstatic just to be able to get some birds.

By the last day of the hunt (Saturday) we had a total of 8 birds, a bunch of footage and photos, sore feet and backs and a severe need for our own beds.  All that said, it was a great trip with good people and I look forward to making a memorable film out of it! 

Wes Bennett Video Shoot

On January, 5th 2018 I shot a video for Wes Bennet.  We started production in Apple Valley in a few locations, the project's focus was of his truck and had a pretty cool city or building theme to it.  After shooting at a parking garage for a while we drove to Lakeville to get footage in an empty business complex.  This video is filled with exciting visuals and transitions as well as slow motion shots that are sure to catch your eye.  This video is very close to being released as the editing is now finished, check out the Seraphim Media YouTube page to view it.